KN95 Masks - Pack of 10
KN95 Masks - Pack of 10
KN95 Masks - Pack of 10
KN95 Masks - Pack of 10
KN95 Masks - Pack of 10

KN95 Masks - Pack of 10

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Each pack contains 10 face masks

Product Number: 602-KN95

The KN95 Masks by CMS World Group has a filtration rate of 99.38%, making them exceptionally effective in reducing the transmission of airborne particles. Many people, including both healthcare professionals and other individuals, have reported this mask to be the most comfortable face covering they have used throughout the COVID pandemic and thus, this is our best-selling item.

Offering optimal protection for high-risk individuals, the KN95 is ideal for those who are immunocompromised, post-op, or have comorbidities making them at greater risk for contracting illnesses. The KN95 mask not only helps protect the vulnerable from other's germs, but it is also preferred for healthy individuals to wear when entering highly trafficked areas such as airports, subways, or office buildings where physical distancing may be difficult to maintain.

Featuring a 3.5" moldable wire which conforms to the bridge of the nose and elastic ear loops to ensure a secure fit, this KN95 mask is anatomically designed to provide a comfortable, protective seal around the nose and mouth.

It features a highly effective 4-layer filtration system:


  1. Outer leakproof nonwoven filter layer
  2. Electrostatic meltblown layer
  3. Filtering layer
  4. Additional electrostatic meltblown layer

The KN95 Mask by CMS World Group is a FDA registered Medical Device (D383583) made in a FDA regulated Medical Device Establishment (3004824959). The NPPTL Evaluation and other supporting documents are available upon request.

** This item is also available in larger quantities. Contact our office for a quote on amounts greater than 1000. **

* Face masks are not recommended for use by individuals under the age of 2.

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